Yoga For Digestion ♥ Effective Workout For Belly Fat | Amazon Jungle

Yoga For Digestion ♥ Effective Workout For Belly Fat | Amazon Jungle

100 thoughts on “Yoga For Digestion ♥ Effective Workout For Belly Fat | Amazon Jungle

  1. I love all your yoga videos! So calming, easy to follow, and makes me feel good afterwards 🙂 Thank you! I also love your meditation videos and would love it if you did more! 🙂

  2. Just want to say thank you for all your quality yoga videos. Not only that the yoga routine is effective, but your message helps to remind us the importance treasuring our life which is so important. Even my baby is calmed by your voice, she could fall asleep when I play your video. I truly believe that your energy is reflected through your voice. Love following all your videos.

  3. This was the perfect balance of a challenge with enjoyability for me…thank you for creating such a great sequence, and including powerful messages throughout-all my love x

  4. I thank you 1000 times over. Your yoga has saved my career in the military. Recovery from back injury is possible. I’m humbled by your work.

  5. This is legit one of my favorite yoga practices ever. I'm so glad it was on day 6 of the challenge. Such an amazing feeling when you are done! Thank you so much.

  6. I have to finally say.. this is possibly my favorite video of yours!! have been doing this video at least 2 times a week for the past few months along with your other videos (: I really appreciate all the videos you put out–everything about them from the music to the scenery and your guided voice (I especially love the music on this video!!) its all so magical. I am on the journey to watching every one of your practices. can't thank you enough for giving and sending me the energy I needed to heal my physical, mental and spiritual self. much love <3

  7. Great class! Really got it after doing it maybe for the twentieth time. Twisting while maintaining stability in the hips it not easy even for advanced Yogis. Consistent and conscious practice and you will really feel the warm energy flow in your belly chakras from this amazing practice! Fire from within 🙂 THANK YOU Namaste.

  8. Thank you Both!! I feel amazing! Your yoga classes are my everyday joy, release, awakening, and strength!! NAMASTE!

  9. "NAMASTE".. HERE WE ARE in Greek!!! Να' μαστε comes from the full sentence in Greek Να είμαστε, na emaste.. I didn' expect to read this here at the end of this beautifull workout..

  10. Many thanks for all your videos. I`ve been following you for almost two years- and my body `s been changing rapidly: I can do many things I couldn`t do before which is incredible. I`m looking for new challenges as soon as I see a new video by you 🙂

  11. This ones so amazing every time I do it! I’ve done it so many times and I’ll never get enough of your fantastic yoga sessions!!! Love and light!

  12. Hi everyone! <3
    Does anybody know the track used for this video? I'd like to purchase it and use it for my meditation. I'd appreciate it.

    Juliana and Mark, thank you for sharing these wonderful videos.
    Love and light <3.

  13. This is great, I did as much as possible due to a back injury in mi lower back I can't do many of the positions specially twisting and bending /folding but I feel how it helps mi digestive track 🙏😊

  14. 15:06 high lunge possibly too high. knee over ankle ALWAYS to avoid injury. it's ok to tighten/shorten your stance, no need to over-lunge/over extend. it doesn't add benefit to strain.

  15. I use this particular video all the time when we’re traveling. It gives my body the pick me up that it needs. I love it and am so grateful for the two of you.❤️

  16. 🌺Aloha Juliana and Mark🌹
    From the Island of Hawaii🏖🌊🏄
    Thank you🌷🌳💝so much for sharing this beautiful "Yoga Workout" Routines💪👙. I love❤💚 all of your workouts👏👏👏 The locations is just amazing🎆😉💖. The Music🎶🎷is soothing & relaxing & peaceful🎊🛀Have a pleasant day or evening what ever time it is for you and God bless you both.😇😘Mahalo🤘🤘💜🌻

  17. I love it that there is always some new fun posture 🙂 thank you! Could you do a video about your creative process of making a sequence? Where do you get inspiration? How do you refresh your yoga knowlage? :*

  18. new subscriber! had a baby 2 months ago. and now you're helping me lose my baby weight! you are so amazing and beautiful!

  19. Woke up not feeling the best but decided to push through. Thank you my body and mind really needed this ❤️❤️

  20. First time this type of training and I found difficult just the exercise in that boat posture. Next time I guess it will be better. Thanks for sharing 🙏

  21. Awesome workout .. thanks I'm adding this to my yoga pose regime to account for cardio because I prefer gentle cardio and this is awesome for that in my personal body enlightenment journey. You go girl and kudos for me for keeping up with you!!

  22. This is just really the perfect workout when your stomach feels bad, I do it all the time when I do not feel good, I love it so much, thanks to you ❤️❤️❤️

  23. I will be including you in my gratitude journal again, this evening. Thank you for this effective workout.. I started burping during the second exercise in, #effective! I love your cobra leggings .. so apt for the location. You both truly have a beautiful eye for aesthetics and a true appreciation of nature. Namaste <3

  24. I enjoy these videos but the music often is distracting for me when I am trying to get into a more meditative zone 🙂

  25. I remember how I have done this class before and I considered it hard, but now I do it and truly enjoy the experience! Thank you!

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