Yoga For Strength – 40 Minute Vinyasa Sequence

– What’s up, party people? Welcome to Yoga With Adriene. I’m Adriene, and I’m in the park today, and we have an awesome practice for you. We have a flow to connect
you to your strengths, so get ready to sweat, get
ready to find what feels good, and have some fun at the pond. (cheerful guitar music) Alrighty, today we’re going to begin in an extended child’s pose. So, bring the knees as
wide as your yoga mat, two big toes to touch, and then crawl your paws all the way out. Take a deep breath in, and on your exhale, surrender. Forehead comes to the mat. This is where we’re going to start. So you can take a look at
the video, take a look at me, and then take your gaze straight down when you feel comfortable. Come into your little cave of love here, where we going to make all
that’s wrong in the world right again. And find what feels good. You deserve this time for yourself, so close your eyes, take
a nice deep breath in. (inhales deeply) And long exhale out. (exhales slowly) Deep breath in through the nose. (inhales deeply) Long breath out through
the nose or the mouth, doesn’t matter. (exhales slowly) And continue to deepen
your breath, play with it. Maybe think about why you
came onto your mat today. Maybe calling intention out, for your practice. Something positive that serves
you in the present moment here as you breathe into the back body. (inhales and exhales deeply) Grow heavy in the hips and shoulders. Choosing to let go of the day thus far, any items on the agenda ahead. The hard part is over, you’re
on your mat, you’re here. Let’s have some fun today. Begin to spread awareness
throughout the palms, so the fingertips spread wide,
and plant all ten knuckles, all ten fingertips down strong. And gently lift your elbows here. Small lift in the elbows. We’re just gonna slowly, energetically pull the shoulders back. This action’s gonna lift
the head and the heart all the way up. We’ll walk the knees underneath the hips. Toes straight out. Walk the wrists underneath, and begin to move into your cat-cow. Find what feels good here,
moving with your breath. Stretching out the front
body, the back body. And then when you’re ready
you can kinda veer off the railroad tracks
here and begin to play. Stretching through the side body. Sending the hips one
way and then the other. Maybe tapping into a little
inner smile, if you will. Stretching through the feet
by curling the toes under. Any movement here that
feels awesome, explore. Stretching the body, maybe
tending to the wrists. And then wherever you are, come back to center and do one more, inhaling, pressing away
from your foundation, and then exhaling, arching the back like
a black Halloween cat, navel draws up, up, up,
stretch, stretch, stretch. And then release, we’ll make our way to downward-facing dog, you got it. Keep the knees bent here at first, as you send the hip points up high. Inhale in, deep breath. Exhale, stretching one
heel down then the other. Pedaling it out as we like to say. Hugging the low ribs in. Continuing to spread
awareness through the palms. We’re going for a 110 full
body experience here today, so that’ll look and feel a
little different for everyone, of course, but it’s up to
you to make sure that you are staying open to expanding
awareness throughout the whole body. So, no body part left behind. One moving part. Great. We’re gonna take it for
a nice, slow walk now up toward the front edge. Take your time. Roll through the foot. We land in utkatasana
extended forward fold. Allow the weight of the head to drop down. You might check that by shaking
the head “yes” and “no.” You might clasp the elbows, of course, rock gently side to side. Feet can be a hip width
apart or flush together, it doesn’t matter. Just nice conscious footing again, spreading awareness
throughout the whole body. We’re going for total body health, fit in the body, fit in the mind. Nice and open in your heart. Take a couple breaths here. (inhales and exhales deeply) Then release through the arms, and we’ll take a nice, slow roll up. See if you can really slow it down today, and if you’re feeling brave,
keep your eyes closed. We’ll roll all the way up to mountain. When you rise up, you
know what to do here. Maybe looping the shoulders. Maybe teeter-tottering with the head, or drawing big circles with the nose. Exploring the body. Stretching, working out any kinks. And just essentially coming into the body, kind of settling into the practice, and the commitment to stay curious. Right? No yoga robots here. So then we’ll walk the feet together. Press into all four corners, and after you’ve kind
of worked out the kinks and found a little
movement that feels good, go ahead and come to a
nice, still mountain pose. We’ll bring the palms open, lift up through the armpit-chest here, and stand up nice and tall. Reconnect with your breath here, super important today as we flow. And so we’re gonna practice
moving breath and body. So inhale, reach the arms
all the way up and over head. Exhale, float the fingertips down. (exhales) Inhale, reach for the sky. Exhale, float the fingertips down. So it seems like a simple action, but to really integrate
movement and breath takes some focus. Inhale, reach. Exhale, fold. Don’t fold, float down. Inhale, reach. (inhales deeply) And exhale, float it down. (exhales) Okay, if you’re getting a little bored, you can start to integrate the neck, drawing maybe a line with
the nose all the way up. As you reach up, big breath in. And then chin to chest as
you exhale, fingertips down. Keep it going, inhale, integrate. Getting used to moving with the breath. (exhales) Then hold onto a focused
point now, and we’ll inhale. Come up on the toes, just
challenge ourselves a little bit, really see if we can move with the breath, as you inhale, reach, reach, reach. When the breath stops,
we pause at the top, and then exhale, float it down. Two more times just like that. Inhale. (inhales deeply) Exhale, practice… (exhales) moving with your breath. One more time, inhale. (inhales deeply) Pause at the top. Exhale, release everything down. Beautiful. Inhale, reach for the sky. Keep moving with your breath, this time exhale, fall
down through the midline. Great. Inhale. Halfway, lift your version,
nice flat back position here, and then exhale, forward fold. Inhale, reach for the sky. Take it all in, I have a
beautiful sky here today to look up to. And then exhale, hands to heart. But even if you are looking
up at the ceiling, right, connect to your imagination,
your creative self, enjoy your practice. Here we go. Inhale, reach. Move with your breath. Exhale, down through the midline. Inhale, full breath as
you come to a flat back. Long neck here. Use the exhale to float it down. Flowing with the breath, we inhale, reach for the sky. And exhale hands to heart. This time tuck your pelvis. Again, each time we move
through a flow or vinyasa we’re getting an opportunity
to connect to something bigger, and to add on to that awareness. So maybe this time, it’s
paying attention to the pelvis. Inhale, reach it up. (inhales deeply) Full exhale, down you go. (exhales) Inhale, halfway lift, lengthen. Exhale, bow. Last time like this, inhale,
spread the fingertips, reach for the sky. Exhale, tuck the pelvis, hands to heart. Great. Here we go. Adding on, inhale, reach it up. Exhale, down we go. Inhale, halfway lift. Exhale, fold. Plant the palms, slide
the right toes back, followed by the left, we come to a plank. Zip the legs together here. Press away from your yoga mat. Inhale, reach forward with the crown, come on to the two big toes. Exhale, hug the elbows,
slowly lower all the way down to the belly. Flip onto the top of the feet. Pull the elbows back and inhale. Cobra. (inhales) Exhale, release. Awesome. Curl the toes under. Option here to come to all fours, and then peel up to
downward dog from there. Or for more strength,
more heat in the body, curl the toes under, press
up to top of a push-up, anchor navel to spine as
you hug the lower ribs in, and then send it to down-dog. And if you’re like,
“What the what, Adriene?” Just know that you always have
an option in your transition. Move in a way that feels good for you. Connect. I’m merely your online
yoga guide and friend. It’s really up to you
to show up for yourself, and to find what feels good. Drop the left heel. Let’s try lifting the right leg up high. Deep breath in here. On an exhale, squeeze
the right knee up and in towards your heart. Hover here for a second. Connect to your strength. And then step the right
foot up into your lunge. Lower the left knee. Inhale, reach the fingertips up high. Exhale, float ’em down. Moving into a twist. Left palm on the earth,
or left fingertips lifted, we inhale, open up through the right wing, you can lift the back knee here. Inhale in. Find upward-facing dog in the spine, maybe lift your chin, lift your heart. And then exhale, down you go. Plant the palms, step the right toes back. Again, bring the two big toes together. Shift your gaze forward, Hug the elbows in. Lower down all the way to the belly. Repeat cobra. Or maybe you come to upward-facing dog. Nice and soft in the neck. When you’re ready, downward-facing dog. Deep breath in. (inhales) Long breath out. (exhales) Drop the right heel, lift
the left leg up high. On your exhale, squeeze it up and in, connect to your strength again here. Tap into it. And then step it up into your lunge. We lower the right knee down. And we inhale, reach for the sky. Exhale, rain it down. Twist, right fingertips on
the mat, or right palms, you decide if you need that space here, and then inhale, left
fingertips up towards the sky. Feel free to lift that back knee. Inhale. Nice beautiful length in the crown. Long spine, long neck, so we’re not here. And then take it all the way down. Awesome. Plant the palms again. Step the two big toes together. We shift forward, we practice
chaturanga to up-dog. Or belly to cobra, and then
we send it to down-dog. Repeat the slow walk
from before, my friends. Welcome that heat. Or bend the knees generously, look forward, inhale in. And on an exhale, hop to to the top. (exhales forcefully) Inhale, halfway lift. Long neck. Exhale, soften, and bow. Press into your feet, reach for the sky. Deep breath in. (inhales) Exhale, hands to heart. Tuck the pelvis. Here we go. Inhale, reach the fingertips up high. This time, grab the left
wrist with the right hand, exhale, tilt to the right. Side body stretch. Inhale to center, reach. Exhale, tilt to the left. Inhale to center. This time, bend the elbows,
thumbs back, pinkies forward. Inhale in, reach. Exhale, forward fold. Nice job, my friend. Inhale, halfway lift, keep it going. Welcome that heat. Exhale, bow. Step it back to plank. Strong foundation here. This time you can play
with bringing the two big toes together, or you can play with keeping them wide. Just experimenting as we
shift the weight forward, hug the elbows in, slowly lower down. Cobra, or upward-facing dog. Take a deep breath in, wherever you are, and then exhale. Make your way to down-dog. When you arrive, drop the left heel, lift the right leg up high, big breath in. Exhale, squeeze, nose to knee. Try to touch your nose to your knee. Then step it up into your lunge. This time, we’re gonna
keep the back heel lifted, back knee lifted, stack front knee over front
ankle as you reach up high. So a high lunge here. Right hip crease pulls back. Go ahead and bend through your left knee as you reach the fingertips up, so that you can scoop the
tailbone underneath you, lift up through the front body. Then begin to stretch the left heel back. Inhale in. Exhale, warrior two. Strong legs here. So take a look down at your legs. Find the foundation as you roll the top of that right thigh out, charge the left inner thigh, press into the back
edge of your left foot, and then we’ll reach, reach, reach. Pull the pinkies back. Lengthen through the crown. Now check it out, turn the right toes in, then both heels in, so both toes are out. Then I’m gonna bend my knees. As I do so, eagle arms. I’m gonna bring right
arm underneath the left. Bring the palms together. Knees super wide. Again, attention back on that pelvis, tailbone down. As you inhale, lift the elbows up, hug the lower ribs in, navel in, belly in. Great strong pose here. One more breath, you got it. (inhales) Then exhale, warrior two
to the back of your mat. Left fingertips forward. Right fingertips back. Find your warrior two here. Pull the pinkies back. Create a full body experience, my friends. Peaceful warrior. Left fingertips reach
forward, up, and back. Find your breath again, inhale. Exhale, extended side angle. Left elbow comes to the
top of the left thigh. We don’t collapse here, stay
connected to your center. Inhale, reach the fingertips forward. Come to this variation here, or you can begin to reach right
fingertips towards the sky, left fingertips towards your mat. Lot of options to play here,
and we’ll return to this pose. So keep breathing, keep
exploring, don’t give up. Inhale in. Exhale, journey, dial your heart, all the way back to your lunge. We’re now facing the
back edge of your mat. As you plant the palms, step the left toes back. Move through your vinyasa or
take it straight to down-dog. When you arrive, once again, we’ll drop the left heel, lift the right leg up high. Here we go again. Squeezing, nose to knee, connect to your strength. Step it up into your lunge. High lunge, whenever you’re ready. Find your foundation. Hug energy in to the midline, and then reach for the sky. Big breath in here as you
create full body experience. Open the palms wide. Then exhale, warrior two, to the opposite side to the back. Right foot forward, left
foot’s back, tailbone heavy. Reach, reach, reach. Then again, we turn the right toes in, then both heels in, so both toes are out. Coming in to kind of a
goddess pose or a horse pose. Right arm underneath, eagle arm. Seek deep, my friends. Meet your edge. Inhale, elbows lift. Exhale, seek deep, lean back into it. Gorgeous. Warrior two to the front. (exhales) Nice, everyone. Peaceful warrior as you
reach left fingertips forward, up, and back. Inhale in. Exhale, extended side angle. Again, we can come here, especially if we’re
working on this posture, if we’re new to the practice, eventually we’ll get
the left fingertips down and maintain nice
strength through the core and through this line, from the crown to the tail. One more breath here, you got it. Keep the right inner thigh awake. And then we’ll dial the
heart back to the lunge and take a vinyasa. Step the left toes back, move with your breath. Exhale to down-dog. (exhales forcefully) Awesome. Pedal it out. Inhale in. Let’s take a cleansing
exhale out through the mouth. (exhales) Walk up to the front edge, or bend the knees. Inhale, look forward. Exhale, flow to the top. Inhale, halfway lift. Exhale, forward fold. Inhale, reach for the sky. (inhales deeply) Exhale, hands to heart. (exhales) Awesome work, everyone. We’re gonna do the same little
dance on the other side. Connect to your strength. Loop the shoulders. Lift your heart. Here we go. Inhale. Extend. Exhale, fold. (exhales) Inhale, halfway lift. (inhales) Exhale, bow. (exhales) Great. Plant the palms. Step the right toes, followed
by the left toes back. Shift your weight forward. Move through your flow. From downward-facing dog, this time we’ll drop the right heel, lift the left leg up high. Big breath in. Nose to knee. Step the left foot up. Soften through the right knee. Find your foundation, find your footing, and then inhale, reach up, high lunge. Go through your checklist. Bend the right knee. Scoop the tailbone underneath you. Widen through the arms if you need to, especially if you feel
like the shoulders are tight and creeping up. Then hug the inner thighs to the midline. Inhale in. Exhale, warrior two to the right. Left fingertips forward,
right fingertips back. Sink deep here. Take a look down. (inhales and exhales) Then when you’re ready, we’ll inhale in. Exhale, left toes in, then both heels in, so both toes are out. So we’ll smooth out
this transition the more you practice this. Bend the knees. This time, left arm underneath
the right, eagle arms. Inhale, lift the elbows, tailbone heavy. Exhale, sink a little deeper, you got it. (exhales) Beautiful. Warrior two to the back edge of your mat. Inhale in. Exhale, peaceful warrior. Keep sinking into that front leg, strong. Inhale in again. Exhale, extended side angle. Feel free to come to the
top of the right thigh. Work, play here. Creating this nice line from
the outer edge of the back foot all the way to the front. One more breath in whatever
variation suits you this morning or today, it’s a morning for me. Inhale in, exhale. Back to your lunge, stick with it, guys. Plant the palms, slide the right toes back. Move through your flow, or feel free to skip it, go straight to down-dog. Right heel drops down. Inhale, lift the left leg up high. Stick with it. Squeeze nose to knee, cultivate strength. Step the left foot up,
find your high lunge. Take your time getting there, building from the ground up. When you’re ready, reach the arms up high, full breaths here. Then we’ll send it to warrior two. Strong legs, pull the pinkies back. Inhale in. Exhale, left toes in, then both heels in, come to your goddess
pose or your horse pose. Left arm underneath, eagle arms. Inhale, lift the elbows up. Exhale, sink a little deeper. (exhales) Inhale, lift the elbows up. (inhales deeply) Exhale, warrior two to the front. (exhales) Inhale in. Exhale, strong legs. Inhale, peaceful warrior, reverse warrior. Exhale, extended side angle. You got it. Opening up (exhales) finding that connection
from the crown all the way to the back heel. One more breath here. Nice work, everyone. Stick with it. Dial your heart back
to center with control, with grace, if you can. Plant the palms, slide
the right toes back. Feel free to move through a vinyasa here. We’re gonna meet in child’s pose. Take a little rest. Nice. Hmm. So when you arrive in your child’s pose, you can bring the knees together or the knees wide. Your back will tell you
which one you prefer. When you arrive, close your
eyes and just take a rest. (inhales and exhales) Great. Slowly we’ll reach the fingertips up. Come all the way back to all fours. Curl the toes under and send
the hips up high, down-dog. Awesome work, everyone. So one last leg here
of fire to our ritual. We’re going to bend the knees,
look forward, inhale in. Exhale, hop to the top. Inhale, halfway lift. Exhale, bow. Inhale, reach for the sky. And repeating, bending the elbows here, thumbs back, pinkies forward. Inhale, reach. (inhales) Exhale to the right. (exhales) Inhale, reach. (inhales) Exhale to the left. (exhales) Inhale, reach. And exhale, rain it down. Okay. So bring the palms together
here and bend the knees. Little bit of space between the heels, like a thumbprint. Ahh, that breeze feels good! We’re coming into a chair pose. So, actually, let’s take
the fingertips forward, just so you can kind of
play with the weight here. So, the more the fingertips reach forward, the more we’re able to
send the sit bones back. Hug the lower ribs in. And then we’ll bring
the palms together here. Here we go. Inhale. Lift sternum to thumbs. Exhale. Send the outer edge of
the left arm to the outer edge of the right thigh or knee. Find your deep twist here. Breathe. Remember why you showed
up on your mat today. Find length in the crown of the head. And then shift your
weight to your right foot, and here we go. Having some fun today. Again, cultivating strength. See if you can lift your left
heel to your left buttock. Ooh, give it a try. Slowly, hold on to a focus, lifting the left heel to the left buttock. A little revolved flamingo here. Stay long in the neck. And then just trust, my friends, trust as you send the left toes back and step it into a lunge. Great option here to open up. Keep a sense of humor here. Breathe, breathe, breathe. Woah. Then we’ll dial it back. Plant the palms. Half splits. Lift the left leg up high. So just work here, wherever you are, keep the levels. Hip doesn’t have to be all the way up. Keep the levels hipped. Ha ha, keep the hips leveled. Yes, I’m human. Deep breath in. Step the feet together. Long breath out. Forward fold. Shake it off in the head and neck, and we’re gonna repeat the
slow roll-up from before. Gorgeous. Bring the feet together,
palms at the heart. Slight, little bit of space
between the heels, just to play. Bend the knees. I like to take my
fingertips out sometimes, just to remind myself, “Oh yeah, I can play with a
little more weight in my heels.” Utkatasana. Inhale in. Exhale, bring outer
edge of the right elbow to the outer edge of the left thigh. Try to keep the knees together here. Then lengthen, lengthen through the crown. Deep twist here. So breathe into your belly. And let’s see if we can do it, just have a little fun. Lifting right heel to right buttock here. Maintaining the shoulders, drawing away from the ears, maintaining that length in the neck. Keep breathing here. If you fall, we’ll catch you. And then just trust. You don’t need to look with your eyes. Trust. Send your right toes all the
way back into your lunge. Yay! Find length. If you want to open up here, please do. Breathe, breathe, breathe. And if you’re like, “I
can’t do that another day.” Or maybe seven years from now. Enjoy your process. The journey is the reward, we know this. Let’s practice it. Dial your heart back to center. Step the right toes in, and when you’re ready, lift off. So playing with half splits today. You might be able to lift it up higher, but keep those hips level. Careful not to lock your standing leg. Eventually you’ll get to a place where we draw the nose in towards the knee, and maybe wrap the arms around the shins. Be here now though. One more breath. And then exhale, stepping
that right foot in. Yay! Heel toe, heel toe, the
feet as wide as your mat. Come to a nice, juicy squat. Palms come together at the heart. You might find a little sway here. You might stay here breathing. Enjoying this lovely stretch in the hips. Or you might take this time
for a little crow practice, bringing the palms out in front, walking the two big toes together, keeping the gaze forward, connecting to your center, and connecting to your strength, as you maybe lift one toe up followed by the other. So just play here. Breathing deep. So either in the squat or
doing a little crow play, maybe just rocking one toe up then the other. Then maybe one day a little lift off. So have some fun wherever you are. Keep breathing. (inhales deeply) And then everyone come back to the squat, and we’ll begin to release
the fingertips behind us, and come on to the bum. Send the legs out long, press into your heels. Inhale, reach for the sky, with the wrists reaching up, kind of like “Thriller”
arms here, reaching up. Nice counter pose for the
wrists for those who did crow. Deep breath in. Exhale, fold. So if you can grab the shins
here, or the ankles, do. Maybe you take the middle finger, or the index finger and thumb, to the big toe here. Pull the elbows left to right. So whatever feels good. A little counter here of paschimottanasana or seated forward fold. Take a couple breaths
here, close your eyes. And we’ll begin to cool it down. Slowly releasing. We’ll come to our backs. And first I’m going to start off by giving you a little option. You can do bridge pose, or wheel pose, taking a back-bend, or maybe a shoulder stand or a plow. So I’m gonna do bridge so that no man’s left behind. But if you know those other poses, then you might supplement that now. So for bridge, I’ll guide you through it. We walk the heels up
towards the fingertips, where the fingertips land, and we shimmy the shoulders
underneath the heart center. Imagine like squeezing
one of those yoga blocks, or something between your legs. (laughter) Hey-o! And then press into all
four corners of the feet. Sorry, inappropriate. Just having fun. Please don’t write me
nasty things, I’m sorry. I’m just having fun. Okay. Just kidding. Press into the palms,
find your foundation. Inhale, lots of love in. Exhale, lots of love out. Again, you can be in wheel
now, or shoulder stand, or even an inversion. If you’re ready to lift up into bridge, we’re gonna press into all
four corners of the feet, and again inhale lots of love in. And this time as you exhale, begin to lift the hip points up. Peel up from the tailbone. Don’t let the knees splay out here. So imagine, again, squeezing
that block in between the legs, in between the thighs, as you slowly begin to
lift all the way up. You might interlace the
fingertips underneath you, continuing to draw the
shoulders, the shoulder-blades, in together. Snuggling them underneath
the heart center. Then here we go, inhale. Lift the chest up towards the chin. Lift the chest up towards the chin, press into all four corners of the feet, then lift your chin. Beautiful. Should feel really good
in the base of the neck. Keep breathing here. One more breath, you got it. And exhale, break free
first with the fingertips, and then that’s your
cue to slowly roll down, enjoy this sweet little massage
on the spine as you release. Great. Then we’ll bring the soles
of the feet together, knees nice and wide. Bring the hands to the hip creases here. Inhale in, exhale, just
give it a nice push. Ahh, it should feel good. Pushing right at the hip
creases, the tops of the thighs. So give yourself a little
self-adjustment here, a little massage. (exhales) Great. Then we’ll bring the
fingertips around to the outer edges of the thighs and
bring the knees in to center. Awesome. This time we’re gonna shift
the knees all the way over towards the left, then take the left ankle, cross it over the top of the right thigh. If you’re hot, you cultivated
a little heat today, you might interlace the fingertips, bring them behind the head. Breathe here. Awesome. Then slowly release. Massage through the sacrum as
you come to the other side, knees melting to the right. Maybe you just stay here, or for a deeper stretch
cross the right ankle over the top of the left thigh here, staying awake in the feet,
being mindful of the knees. Breathe deep. (inhales) Awesome. Then slowly we’ll unravel, send the fingertips out left to right, Texas “T.” Hug knees up towards the heart, scoop the tailbone up. Inhale in, exhale. Melt the knees to the
left but let them hover. So don’t let them collapse
here, let them hover. Press into both palms evenly, shoulders grounding down. To bring it more into the core, extend through the right leg. Breathe, breathe, breathe. Then back to center, rolling through, we send it to the right. Same thing, hover. So before you reach the earth here, stop it, control. Hug the lower ribs in, for deeper connection to the
core, extend the top leg. And then back to center. Now you’re off on your own,
melting back and forth. Kicking with the top leg, finding that sit bone to heel connection, and then melting through to center. (exhales) Keep it going. Notice how each side is different. And how with repetition the
sensations do change and evolve. We’ll do one more on each side. (inhales and exhales) And then bring it back to center. Great. Wrap the arms around the shins, slowly peel the nose up towards the knees, visualize all this space, this beautiful space between
your back body, your spine. Then we’ll reach to the
outer edges of the feet, slowly lower the head, the
neck down, and lift off. Happy baby. Take a second to massage the
feet, maybe rotate the ankles. And imagine yourself
as a little baby here, finding a little play time to
rock gently back and forth. Find what feels good. Maybe extend one leg, and then the other. And then releasing,
left foot to the ground, crossing right ankle over
the top of the left thigh. A drop just dropped right
in the center of my head, right where like a bindi would be. Just right smack in the
center of my third eye, whoa! Whoa, guys. Reach the right fingertips
through the hole, thread the needle here. Little recline, one-legged pigeon. So for me, I invite you
to lift the left shin parallel to your sky. Keep a brightness in both
feet, a little awakened energy. To go deeper for the hamstring,
you can extend the left leg, or even peel the head up. One more breath here. Exhale, release, take the
same on the other side. Crossing left ankle over
right, we reach through. Right shin parallel to the ceiling. And then we gently release. Awesome. Okay, last little thing before our final and most precious shavasana. Again, cultivating strength today. We got this. Bring one hand on top of the other, bring them behind you, up and overhead. Scoop the tailbone up, navel draws down, so the lower back is
flush up with the mat, and the feet high up towards the sky. Here we go. Hug the lower ribs in, so engage, engage. Protect the lower back. Inhale. Slowly, lower the left foot down. Exhale, bring the left foot
back up to meet the right, reach the fingertips to touch your toes. Inhale, this time right foot down. Exhale, reach up, touch the toes. Keep it going. Inhale, extend. Exhale, reach up, touch toes. Try. Inhale, extend. Exhale, peel it up. Keep going. Careful not to rush. (exhales) And one more on each side, you got it. Nice slow, controlled movement. (exhales) One more, last one. Great. Keep reaching, we’ll pulse for five. (exhales rapidly) And scene, supta parighasana, soles of the feet together, hands come to the belly for a little pet, and then eventually we’ll
extend the legs out long. Any last little movement
you want to do here, anything at all, a boat pose, another twist, anything that feels good before you come into your final relaxation pose, do it now. And then we’ll come to
really walk the heels out as wide as your mat, and also let the armpit-chest
breathe here today. Tuck the chin into the chest, lengthen through the back of the neck. I leave you in shavasana here today, as much as time will allow, please stay here for at least a minute, if, hopefully not, 14 more. And just be with your breath, give thanks, set intentions for the rest of your day, or for the week ahead, and have an awesome rest of your day. Thank you so much for sharing
your practice with myself and the others in the community. Take good care. Namaste. (cheerful guitar music)

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