Yoga Workout for Weight Loss ♥ The Waistline Crusher

Yoga Workout for Weight Loss ♥ The Waistline Crusher

hey guys welcome to ur waistline crusher we are in picton ontario over looking the great lake of ontario and i have a yoga for fat loss for you today thats going to speed up your metabolism burn calories, burn fat and raise heart rate grab a mat some water and lets do it were going to begin by starting in childspose begin to bring awareness to your body then slowly coming to ur hands and knees taking our naughty kitten move rottatin back great exercise to warm up your hips your back giving your body lots of movement here you can switch up the directions if you like from here come up to downward dog give yourself s moment to breath walk out your downward dog from here slowly rounding to high plank exhale come back to downward dog round through each vertebra of your spine and push back toward dog round through hold and push back and last time give me high knees to chest try to touch your chest with your knee downward dog hold here breathe lets take a flow come forward chatturanga open to cobra and push back into downward dog from here taking our taps tap the right foot out right knee tap and knee good job keep going coming into your downward facing dog plank chaturange upward dog look up reach your right leg right up to the sky slowly come onto your left knee square off those hips reach left arm forward hold and breathe add a crunch exhale 4 pulse up take hand down taking into a pushup keep right leg extended extend right up to one legged dog bending right knee open to stack the hips feel the sretch touching right and left elbow reach leg right up left right and three get that knee up big step top of mat reach arms up to the sky high lunge exhale twist reach and twist one more time hold twist left hand dropd to floor reach up to the sky feel stretch through the right leg extended side angel come back down release the right arm up come down with right hand stepping right back to downward dog taking your flow upward dog inhale exhale downward dog repeat on the other side reach left leg right up bend the right knee come down onto the ground square off the hipss right arm reaches front find your balance here and then crunch connect elbow with knee hold and add the pulse taking the pushups push your weight right up to one legged dog’ open stack hips for a second take the ab execrise right left and reach right left and reacg make sure ur breathing not holding your breath big step top of mat when you ready reach the arms right up begin to twist right arm forward left arm back reach up and 3 twist from belly button take ur lunge twist extended side angle reach fingers to the sky come back down one more time open to twist bring it down then slowly step back to downward dig inhale exhale come forward upward fog come into plank dropping into your elbows holding elbow plank here guys are almost done dlphin plank lift hips up and down lift the hips and two breaking into that okank podition exhale hips now right and then left great exercise to work the waistline work those obliques if this is too fast for u slow it down and half the erps hold and come down to kness take a moment to stretch push back to puppy pose hips directlyover knees come through back to plank baby cobra pushing up into puppy pose give chest a good stretch walk it all the way back come back into childspose round through ad lets come froward to seated position reach arms up exhale bring the hands come to you chest and thank yourself for this pracice thank you for joining me, If you like this video than feel feee ti sub or like below ill see you soon again. bye

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  1. We are so happy to hear that this class is going over well. Remember, if its difficult, just do you best, don't strain yourself or worry if you can't nail everything perfectly, and come back to it to build strength. <3

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    Love and Light
    … Juliana & Mark* ☮️❤️

  2. I was brought here by the ultimate 21 days Pilates challenge and just when I thought I was getting the hang of things lol. Great workout though. Definitely a sweat..

  3. Love your channel and doing one of the 21 day challenges atm.
    Awesome routine but my wrists were killing me and i had to stop a couple times because of it. Is there anything i can do to strengthen my wrists?
    Thank you for all the amazing videos!

  4. Wow! Def felt this one! I've VERY RECENTLY decided to start exercising and doing yoga again after a few years of doing neither due to Osteoarthritis in my lower back, right hip and right knee, a large calcium deposit at the base of my spine which formed due to a tailbone fracture when i got hit by a car a long time ago while walking down the sidewalk and Chronic Lumbar Sprain. I decided i HAD to start exercising and doing yoga again because i was putting on too much weight (I'm 5' 10" and as of 2 months ago, weigh 226). Since i have started exercising for about a half hour a day, walking about 10 miles a week, and doing yoga videos daily of yours and some from another youtube channel, my body is starting to feel better, I've been dreaming a little more often and now I don't feel right if i go 24 hours without exercising! This is so great to be able to feel this way again! Thank u SO much!!

  5. Could you please preview the exercises prior to them starting because if I'm doing this I'm usually looking down and don't manage to catch what I'm supposed to do unless I stop and rewind constantly.

  6. Wau! This is a wonderful intense workout! Perfect for my morning routine as I dont' have time to do more as I have to get up extremely early. Thank you for making such great videos! If you ever come to Denmark please come and visit! Thank you Juliana and Mark <3

  7. im doing the 21 days pilates challange.. this comes togheter with the normal workout on day 8. Before i started the challenge i never did Yoga before and this video is going way to fast with no explaination at all. To bad because i really like the 21 days challange

  8. Hello you 2! Thank you for being part of my life. Every day is a new beginning since I am choosing "MOI" and with all your videos, the scenery, the music, the shortness (its quick) its easy to do, and it FELLS GOOD! Thank you again !

  9. I love this. I just started getting back into yoga. It feels great I miss the burn of it all. 10/10 will stick to this

  10. Oh my days, I am sweating likea pig, wow that was hard. I am struggling most with my hamstrings, they're really tight, what would you recommend? Oh and thanks for this it's a great set of workouts and I'm over a week in and I am feeling the difference.

  11. I loved this! it's exactly what I was looking for! I still have some balance to work on, but this was great! I definitely think I will start doing this in the morning before work, it energized me for the day.
    She explained everything very well while showing a very good image of how you should be doing it. reminded me to breath at the times that I definitely forgot lol. All in all, very good instructor. I don't think this is something someone should start out with as a beginner to losing weight. I have only been to a yoga class once, but that was enough for me to understand the basics which I think really helped. If you are new to yoga go to a beginners class before trying something fast paced like this. This is a yoga workout for weight loss (hence the title), not a beginners class.

  12. Good work out. Little fast but next time I will know the flow. I try to watch first so I know the flow. Always a great work though. I am a beginner so to don't alway complete the moves or I modify. Thank you.

  13. AMAZING!! thank you so much this is an incredible workout!!! I love all of your videos but i think this is one of my favourites for working out x

  14. Seriously love this workout. I usually do this one first and then three of your other videos and have seen amazing results. Thank you so much ❤

  15. Love your videos so much! I can really feel myself getting stronger and more capable- however, when i do the pilates workouts i often have to stop because i get foot cramps. Is this because I may be doing the exercises wrong? Would you by any chance know how I can reduce/prevent this

    Thank you x

  16. Everyone can't do this ye madam aisibnhi lag rhi jaise online trainer hain but seems like she is completing her excercise

  17. Very hard to follow as video and voice coaching don't match. If you're just listening and doing what you say and then look up to the video, it gets confusing as you are doing something else as what you're saying.

  18. come here from the 21 days challenge, just hope you can mention how many times each position needs to be done so i can count myself when i cannot follow your step. great video, thx for sharing!

  19. hy
    ഞാൻ ഇപ്പോൾ yoga പരിശീലിക്കുന്നുണ്ട് firt time തന്നെ എനിക്ക് വളരെ ഇഷ്ടപ്പെട്ടു

  20. This was so tough!! You really do make it look easy!! Really enjoyed it though. Thanks and subscribed x

  21. This is a great workout, how Juliana fit so much in 12 min we do not know. We have been doing her workout for 4 months now and we are getting better so thank you Juliana.

  22. Very Good sexy. I do a similar vinyasa flow at the hot studio I go to and fast pace, with room heated to 100 deg. Your very hot!

  23. I absolutely love this yoga workout. Everytime after i do it, i feel so amazing. And it really has toned and perfected my body!!
    Thanks you so much <3

  24. Wow…. Wasnt expecting that.ill be truthful i thought yoga was for sissys… Day 8 pilates challenge done

  25. Darling, you're amazing but you need to slow it down a bit!!!!! I know yoga and I found it hard to follow along, I can only imagine someone with zero experience being fully lost.

  26. This video is way too fast, I’m on day eight of the 21 day challenge and it’s so hard for me to do this. It’s so fast but I’m trying to maintain my balance while keeping up with the exercises but the exercises move so fast I am not able to maintain my balance

  27. Juliana I love you. Thanks so much for all of your exsercise!! Helps me a lot. God bless you. Namaste and Amen

  28. is there a video I can watch to train my arms for this workout? I just don't have the arm strength for this ;-;

  29. Love all your workouts….makes me feel positive and charged for the day…please do add more yoga and Pilates videos…you have made me fall in love with yoga….

  30. You've been such an inspiration to me. I've been doing your workouts for over a week at home, and I've been sweating and feeling great! Thanks so much! Keep doing the amazing work!!! 🙂

  31. Oh my, I did this in one go but not without shaking and sweating profusely. Thanks to your other Pilates workouts I've been doing since last year, I was able to do this! Thanks so much! 🙂

  32. i really love it !! hopefully I get to the habit of doing it everyday after waking up like I was doing it last year as I saw amazing benefits. summer is coming, let's get our waists smashed!! btw there is no other YouTube yoga teacher for me – I think I went through all of your workouts and I am always coming back ! much love from UK and thank you for all ❤❤❤

  33. Hi! This is day 8 for me but is there a way to do the exercises without leaning on your wrists that much? My wrists can't handle the pressure. Or is there a different workout routine you can recommend? Thanks a billion!

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